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Parts Washers

We provide a wide range of parts washers from solvent based to aqueous hot wash washers

You can rent, lease or buy any of our machines, we also offer maintenance contracts on the machines to keep them in the best working condition.

Only D-Grease gives you a wide choice of parts washer options, allowing you to select:

  • The right parts washer machine
  • Solvent parts cleaner or Aqueous part washer operation
  • The right cleaning fluid or solvent
  • The service interval you choose

A full list of our machines can be found on the subsections of this site by by clicking the below links:

Minimal maintenance and Eco friendly.

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D-Grease brake cleaners offers significant advantages in comparison with aerosol brake cleaners

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D-Grease has a range of solvent parts washers ranging from our standard model which holds 30 litres of fluid, to our 300 litre automatic

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Our products are suitable for a range of industries

A wide range of industries use our products

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