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Solvent Parts Washers

D-Grease has a range of solvent parts washers ranging from our standard model which holds 30 litres of fluid, to our 300 litre automatic

We service all our units, managing the solutions and handling the spent solvent in total compliance with all environmental regulations.

D-Grease will:

  • Replenish the parts washer machine with fresh solutions on your preferred service schedule
  • Clean and maintain the parts washer
  • Collect and responsibly manage the used solutions, in accordance with local, state and federal regulations

Manual Cleaning
Our manual parts washer is the inexpensive solution for cleaning parts by hand. Solvent is stored in the drum and cycled through the flexible spigot for handy use.

Automated Cleaning
Ideal for large volumes of parts. Our automated parts washers immerse the parts in solvent then use air-driven agitation to scour them clean quickly in a hands-free operation.

Some models feature a flow-through brush and all have lids that automatically close in case of fire.

Our products are suitable for a range of industries

A wide range of industries use our products

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