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177 X Mini Water

  • Manual wash of waterborne paint
  • Pre-wash, brush and pump fed recirculating liquid
  • Nebulizer for clean water final rinse
  • Extra brush can be connected to water supply
  • Air gun for final drying
  • Water/paint separation kit included
  • 100% stainless steel
  • ATEX 11 2G

Pneumatically operated, small and cost-effective machine for manually washing water-based paint from spray guns and small objects.  The instruments, located on the front section, make it easy to use.  Manual wash with detergent: water and detergent sucked by small pump are conveyed to the brush for manual wash.  This special model entirely manufactured in stainless steel is fitted with a brush fed by a diaphragm pump conveying water and detergent.

Designed and developed by Genius Division