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DG1801 Best Combi

For automatic and manual washing with solvent, combined with the automatic distiller


The combi best washer-distiller is a machine that automatically or manually washes spray guns with solvent and is combined with a distiller for recycling and reusing solvent.  The washer-distiller includes the best spray-gun washer mod.  180 And the explosion proof deca distiller mod. 801. When the solvent in the spray washer is very dirty, and air pump pours the solvent into the distiller.

The distiller’s cycle is automatic and after a few hours the recycled solvent returns for future use into a drum at the base of the spray washer.  This system avoids the solvent being handled by the machine operator guaranteeing savings in time and greater safety in the work place.


Deca distiller mod. 801 – Explosion proof 12L

The explosion proof deca distiller, along with the design of our spray washers, allows the solvents used during the washing process to be recycled.  The cycle is completely automatic.  By working on the basis of a simple distiller that uses atmospheric pressure. the distiller can separate the polluting products from the original solvent, allowing it to be recycled and reused whereas the residual products remain inside the boiler bag, which is easily removed at the end of the distillation cycle.

Designed and developed by Genius Division