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DG180D Super

  • Manual wash of solvent-based paint
  • Auto vapour exhaustion from work area
  • Pre-wash with Venturi pump feeding recirculating thinner
  • Venturi pump feeding clean thinner
  • Final rinse with nebulizer and clean thinner
  • Air pressure regulator for colour testing
  • ATEX 11 2G

Compact, fully pneumatic for washing manually spray-guns and any piece stained with solvent-based paint.  It can be used for colour tests too.  The washers are supplied with 2 small Venturi pumps and an atomizer sucking clean and dirty solvent from the drums positioned at the bottom of the machine.  The practical side top can be positioned both to the left and right side of the machine.  Fumes are automatically absorbed each time you open the upper door.

Designed and developed by Genius Division