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Automatic and manual washing with solvent and water

The pneumatically-operated Spray-gun Washer Star which is entirely made of stainless steel and provided with a fume suction system, is the combination of 2 spray-gun washers.  As they work in tandem, they are use to wash guns respectivly stained with water-based and solvent-based paint.  Colour tests can be performed on both washers.

  • Combi unit, automatic and manual wash of waterborne and solvent-based paint
  • Automatic vapour exhaustion from work area

Water zone

  • Pre-wash with brush and pump fed recirculating liquid
  • Nebulizer for final rinse with clean water
  • 1 extra brush can be connected to water supply
  • Air gun for final drying
  • Water/paint separation kit included

Solvent zone

  • Automatic wash with diaphragm pump feeding recirculating thinner
  • Venturi pump feeding clean thinner
  • Nebulizer for final rinse with clean thinner
  • Air pressure regulator for colour testing
  • Colour tests allowed
  • 100% stainless steel
  • ATEX 11 2G

Manual washing with water and detergent

 This work bench is fitted with a brush fed by a diaphragm pump conveying water and detergent.

Final washing

One nebulizer sucks clean water from the container housed in the bottom of the machine.  The brush supplied must be connected to the water mains of the company and is used for the final wash, for cleaning inside the spray-gun washer, and for pouring clean water int eh tanks for the following cycle.  Finally, the blowing gun is used to clean inside and dry the guns and the washed parts.

Automatic washing with solvent

The washing cycle enables the diaphragm pump controlled by the timer feeding the washing machine which is fitted with a set of nozzles.  The machine is also provided with a small pump and a nebulizer for the manual wash and final rinse with clean solvent.

Designed and developed by Genius Division