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Automatic and manual washing with solvent and water

The pneumatically-operated Spray-Gun Washer Star which is entirely made of stainless steel and provided with a fume suction system, is the combination of 2 spray-gun washers.  As they work in tandem, they are used to wash gins respectively stained with water-based and solvent-based paint.  Colour tests can be performed on both washers.

  • Combi unit, automatic and manual wash of water-borne and solvent-based paint
  • Automatic vapour exhaustion from work area

Water zone

  • Automatic wash with diaphragm pump feeding recirculating liquid
  • Final rinse with clean water fed by Venturi pump and nebulizer
  • 1 extra brush can be connected to water supply
  • Air gun for final drying
  • Water/paint separation kit included

Solvent zone

  • Automatic wash with diaphragm pump feeding recirculating liquid
  • Final wash with clean thinner fed by an extra diaphragm pump
  • Venturi pump feeding clean thinner
  • Final wash by nebulizer with clean thinner
  • Air pressure regulator for colour testing
  • Colour tests allowed
  • 100% stainless steel
  • ATEX 11 2G

Automatic washing with water and detergent

The washing cycle enables the diaphragm pump controlled by the timer which feeds a set of nozzles, Final washing: ad for model 185AX but with an extra small pump.

Automatic washing with solvent

The diaphragm pump controlled by the timer feeding the washing machine is fitted with a set of nozzles for the pre-wash, while a second diaphragm pump enables the final rinse.  The machine is also supplied with a small pump and a nebulizer for the manual wash and the final rinse with a clean detergent.

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