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The D-Grease UK Ltd De-Ruster service now available in either a stainless steel dip tank or by the more popular version of a reseal-able plastic dip barrel.
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Waste Collections

We collect all types of chemical waste and recycle what we can, we meet all the legal environmental requirements set out by the Environment Agency. Service is not only limited to chemical waste as we also do paper recycling, cardboard recycling, plastic recycling, mixed recycling, metal recycling and WEEE collections.
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Waste Oil Collections

Waste  is the commonly used term for virtually the entire spectrum of used, surplus and discarded hydrocarbons. Environmental statisticians believe that approximately 400,000 tonnes of waste oil is produced in the UK each year of which 85% is recovered, with the remainder escaping to the environment.
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Recyclable Industrial Wipes

D-Grease absorbent wipes are designed to withstand heavy usage and repeated cleaning, retaining shape and absorbency.  We manage the cleaning process so contaminants are correctly removed,.  As part of a rigorous inspection process, we dispose of any worn wipes before they are replaced.
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