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Spray Gun Cleaners

Spray gun cleaners are a vital piece of equipment in any paint shop, and keeping it clean is important

Cleaning a spray gun is critical to the quality of paint finish that a spray painter will achieve. D-Grease have a wide range of spray gun cleaners available to suit every paint application.

A spray gun cleaner can be manual or you can chose one of our automatic spray gun cleaning machines. Our spray gun cleaners can be used for cleaning either solvent based or water borne paints from the paint gun between colour changes.

A D-Grease spray gun cleaning machine is an effective and affordable way for a paint shop to ensure that their spray gun washer is always in excellent condition.

D-Grease spray gun cleaners are leased by companies and include a maintenance contract. All of this is provided for a fixed monthly cost helping our customers budget evenly across the year.

Our products are suitable for a range of industries

A wide range of industries use our products

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